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Tetramino Contours*

Put-Together Puzzles

by Peter Grabarchuk

Tetramino Contours
Tetramino Contours: A shape assembled of five transparent contour tetraminoes.
This puzzle consists of five transparent tetraminoes with thin outlines; they are shown in the middle of the above grid placed separately, and at left assembled into a shape.

Tetraminoes can be rotated, flipped over, and overlapped so that they can make several layers. The object is to assemble different shapes shown in the vertical line next to the grid, at left, using all the five contour tetraminoes every time.

Move tetraminoes dragging them with your mouse, rotate tetraminoes clicking them. Every time when you move your mouse over a tetramino it is highlighted. Note, that some tetromoinoes are asymmetric, and you may need to flip them over while assembling the shapes of the Tetramino Contours. To flip any tetramino over just press the Space bar at your keyboard and hold it while clicking the respective tetramino.

A small example in the illustration below shows how to assemble a patterned 3x3 square using a subset of four contour tetraminoes; every single contour tetramino is shown in its respective place within the square.

How to assemble a 3x3 contour square.
Try to create new shapes on your own. Send us your finds, and the most interesting of them will be posted here.
*) Puzzle concept: Copyright 2007 Peter Grabarchuk. All Rights Reserved.
Last Updated: October 14, 2008
Posted: February 22, 2007
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