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Seven Puzzles for G4G7 -- Solutions


by Serhiy Grabarchuk

Solutions shown below were found by the author, unless otherwise is stated. For some challenges there can be more than one solution. Write us if you can improve any of the shown results.
Because of some technical circumstances, all solutions to my "Seven Puzzles for G4G7" collection are posted later than it was planned initially. I am sorry for this unfortunate delay, and am very grateful for your understanding and patience.
Squaring the Seven
It is shown below how to divide the Seven into five parts so that to rearrange them into a square.

5-piece solution.
Seven Stars
Two substantially different solutions to the puzzle are shown below. Solution B was found independently by Serhiy Grabarchuk, Jr. and Peter Grabarchuk.

Solution A.

Solution B.
The Coin Seven Challenge
The successive diagrams below show how to invert the Seven's pattern in five single moves.

5-move solution by Serhiy Grabarchuk, Jr. to invert the Seven's pattern.
Halving the Match Seven
The diagram below shows how to divide the Match Seven with two matchsticks into two parts of the same area.

Two matchsticks dividing the Match Seven into two halves.
The Seven Fish Seven
All the seven fish can form the Seven in the way shown below.

The Seven shape made up of all the seven fish.
The Origami Seven
The 7-fold sequence to get the Origami Seven is shown below. The grid on the color side of the Origami square is provided to show the whole folding process clearer.

Seven simple folds to form the Origami Seven.
Eight Knights in the Seven
The move sequence below shows how to exchange the white and black knights in exactly twelve knight moves.

Twelve moves to exchange the white and black knights.


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Posted: May 28, 2006
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