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Slant Numbers*

Number Puzzles

by Serhiy Grabarchuk**

Printable Puzzle
Bottom number must be greater than the top one.
This is another puzzle of the 2nd World Sudoku Championship held in Prague on March 28 -- April 1, 2007. It was part of the 2WSC play-off.

Every square cell of a 6x6 square grid is divided diagonally into two triangle sub-cells (white and gray) so that there are six vertical and six horizontal lines each consisting of twelve triangle sub-cells. Fill in the whole 6x6 grid with numbers 1 through 12 (one number per triangle sub-cell) so that each horizontal line, each vertical line, and each of the six 2x3 rectangles (outlined with the bold lines) must contain all the twelve different numbers 1 through 12. In each 1x1 square cell of the grid the bottom number (on the gray triangle) always must be greater than the top one on the white triangle; see the small diagram at left.

To solve the puzzle you may want to print just the above grid. For this click the image of the grid to go to a new window with this grid; then you can print it out.

Note that you can print the puzzle for your own use only, and not for any kind of commercial profit.
*) Puzzle concept: Copyright 2007 Serhiy Grabarchuk. All Rights Reserved.
**) Serhiy Grabarchuk is the author of this original Sudoku variant. Its name and appearance are the original creations first published at the 2nd World Sudoku Championship, Prague, March 28 -- April 1, 2007.
Last Updated: October 14, 2008
Posted: May 21, 2007
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